My Why... by Bethany Shaw

"Breastfeeding to me means... Love and Sacrifice.  There are no two greater words to describe the last 15 months of my life.  Being a mother in general is one of the toughest jobs out there but when you add in breastfeeding you can face even more challenges.  I have given up a lot to nurse my daughter...time with my husband, dairy and many other foods for 6 months, having more than a few hours to myself, feeling touched out at times because of having someone on me for so long and so, so much more.  Despite all of that, I continued because of this amazing thing called love.  The connection and bond I've created with my daughter, the beautiful memories made and the fact that I've given her the best start to life possible made it all incredibly worth it.  I wish more were able to experience this beautiful thing but whether you make it to 15 months or 15 days you will feel more love and sacrifice than you think it's even possible to feel." ...E.

Why I BreastFeed.... by Bethany Shaw

"I breastfeed because I want the best for my children.  I have the amazing ability to nourish my child with what is naturally meant to nourish them.  I breastfeed because I can't birth my children naturally, the way I instinctively feel I should, the way my body was made to.  So, I feed my children the way I instinctually know how to feed them, the way my body was intended to because somehow I feel like it makes up for my shortcomings.  I breastfeed to create a bond with my babies and to assure my babies that I will always be there." ... K.