Lifestyle Newborn; Family of 5

This family is precious to me!  We're both homeschool moms and I connected with her before I even moved to the island.  I had put a feeler out to see if there was anyone who homeschooled the same way I do there and she reached out to me and added me to her study group.  Sadly her time left on the island was short.  They had a very busy last couple of months.  Planning and packing for the move back to the USA, having baby #3 via an unplanned cesarean and mama needing some time off to just heal was quite the feat!  We're all so glad they got these pictures squeezed into their busy schedules so they have these to not only remember the littleness of the children but to have pictures of their beloved neighborhood here on the island.

Why Lifestyle Newborn?

Because of so many reasons!!  But, before "Why", I want to to quickly say what it isn't.  These are not heavily posed portraits.  This isn't about perfection.  This is about your family connection, adoration for  your new baby, and the way your spouse has morphed into a mother or father and how amazing that really is!  I never did these sessions with my own newborns, and my sentimental mama heart wishes so much that I had.  

These sessions are little time capsules to treasure; it has it all, your young family, your house and nursery, and your pets, all in one session of love and goodness.  Not everyone has time to read blogs so I will make a list of all the best parts of why, just in case you're on the fence of scheduling this for yourself and family.  

    •    Your family, your home.

    •    I come to you!  You're not traveling to me with a new baby and a sore body!

    •    You get to have your nursery professionally photographed!

    •    Show your favorite spot in your house to rock and feed your baby. 

    •    Siblings are much more comfortable in their home, and they love to be on your bed anyway!

    •    Baby needs to eat?  Perfect!  We don't have to stop the session, it becomes part of the session.

This session below steals my heart! 



Maternity; Courtney

My heart gets so happy when I look at these, we had a lot of fun and giggles along the way, and she made my job so easy.  Classic, timeless, and personal, the robe was hers and she bought it for her delivery in the hospital.

Maternity; A&A

What a foggy day we had here!  I couldn't even see the woods from my house and that's saying something since I practically lived in them.  This is their second child, and their first boy.  She wanted Maternity Portraiture done since she regrets not doing it with her first pregnancy.  The best thing for me about this session was just how sweetly connected they are, what a good team. He was very helpful, supportive and protective of her, making sure she didn't trip, slip or fall.  My heart melted.  

Maternity; Caila

Caila was expecting her first child last November and she knew she was carrying a boy!  We wanted a more timeless look, more classic than feminine.  For her milk bath, I foraged twigs and berries that were in season around my little area in Bavaria.

The "L" Family

First was a son.  Then, came twins, so now that's three.  Pregnant again, Yay, it's twins again!  Now, there's 5.  Pregnant again, wow, just wow - twins, again!  Seven little babies for mom and dad!  

Bavarian Fields; K&G

The last in the "Bavarian Fields" breastfeeding sessions.  The sunflowers had just bloomed, just in time for her as they are her favorite.  So much sun, so many lovely flowers and tall grasses, and corn growing in the farm fields.  I feel their connection.  The comfort baby gets from mama.  The laughs she has with her husband.  All good stuff; the stuff of mothering, the stuff of families.

My Why; N&T

"I breastfeed because my mom breastfed us, and because God gave me the ability to feed my baby.  It's the healthiest for him, and I love that I can feed him from my body.  It's amazing!" - N

"M" Turns 10

This is a few years ago now, again in England.  His mother wanted to celebrate his age by having portraits done on the land they were privileged to call home.  It boasted a wonderful cottage with a famous kitchen, a lake, a vineyard and butted up to ancient woods famous for it's Roman history.  

The "B" Sisters

This is taking me back to beautiful and beloved Suffolk, England.  I loved having these fun and pretty sisters for a session.  Every time I look at these I get all excited again, it was just so much fun to meet their grandmother who also came along with their mom.  I eventually convinced mom to get in a photo and she ended up loving it so much she printed it on acrylic blocks as gifts!  All natural light, courtesy of England's glorious September sunshine.